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07.20.2019 , 12:54 AM | #38
My experience: I had left the guild that won Dantooine on our server so I didn't get the retroactive achievements automatically, I filed a ticket.

Within 24 hours CS responded and granted the Conqueror of Dantooine achievement.

They did not however grant the Pirate Incursion achievement, which should have been. I went to update the ticket (as per their emailed ticket response) and got the 'ticket cannot be updated at this time' nonsense, so I filed a new one. Said that the event was active while Dantooine was invadeable so it stands to reason that if I earned Conqueror, I should get that one.

Within 24 hours of the 2nd ticket I was granted Pirate Incursion.

An unnecessary hassle but at least I got them. PS Bioware - fix your cannot update ticket bs that's a bad customer service experience.