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07.19.2019 , 01:38 PM | #37
Had another customer services droid tell another of my guild members they were not eligible even when I gave them screenshots showing they had multiple characters in the guild who scored across the 15k line:

My name is William. Thanks for contacting the Star Wars: The Old Republic customer service team concerning the Missing Achievement

I’ve replied to your ticket in-game, you’ll find the answer below too.

Looks like you had exited the old Guild which has a similar name to join the "Stroke my Wookie" guild at the evening of 4th June after the week had started. You see to be eligible you have to be in the guild at the time when the Conquest week starts which is Tue at 00:00 GMT.

For any further queries with Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, you can always contact us or check our website :

Just to let you know, I have to close your ticket for you to see my reply but closing the ticket does not mean your issue is resolved.
You are more than welcome to send in another one if you have additional information or issues

Once again thank you for contacting the Star Wars: The Old Republic customer service team.
So this is how it works. They give verdicts which show they don't understand how conquest works and then close the ticket so you have to start the process again with another CS droid.

The thing about them only granting the Conqueror of Dantooine achievement to some people and not the 2nd achievement for completing your weekly goal is another sign that they have no idea how CQ works