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What a mess. The patch note they refer to has nothing to do with when people join the guild or reach their weekly goal. There is no "join the guild" cut-off conquest wise. We've had people join on a Monday evening who earned their points and got the achievements. The only cut-offs that I've read about are (1) you have to be in the guild when the CQ ends and the next one begins and (2) you have to login to the character you won with within 3 days of that CQ ending (used to be mentioned on an in-game tooltip).
That happened before definetly.
I was not part of the guild when a conquest started but joined thursday or so, finished my goal and did not get the achievment (happened months ago)
CS answer was "you were not in when the conquest started so you're not eligible".

For this time's Dantooine (conquered it first week) I sent a ticket stating my character's name (which had been in the guild before start of conquest) asking to be granted both Pirate Incursion and Conqueror of Dantooine.
I got the answer "Sorry for that. Yes I can verify you are eligible, next time you log in you will have both achievments"
yet I heard from other guild members who got none or only the Conqueror achievment (but not the Pirate incursion one, looking forward to a smart BW employee confirming how that is possible )

So my only conclusion is... Train your CS reps better or at least have them read the same guidebook ?