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Is there any progress on granting the achievements for those missing them after the first fix? I can attest personally that the reward granting failed to reach everybody as I am the guild leader and I did not get the Conqueror of Dantooine or Pirate Incursion achievements. I definitely reached my weekly. I could push the issue for my own achievements by submitting tickets but I've intentionally left it so I can monitor if the retro-achievement granting script is going to kick in.

What I've heard is that guilds who conquered Dantooine the first time it arrived have been having this problem whilst those who conquered it the second time have not. Some have suggested that we "just conquer it again" but since we've been let down twice already, how many times are we supposed to do it? "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

I've had several guild members post back to say that CS have refused stating they did not reach the goal or were not in the guild. Based on the CS replies it definitely seems some do not understand how the CQ system works. I've given each guild member that requested help screenshots showing that they did earn enough points and they were in guild. Waiting to see if they will have their ticket decisions reversed. Lots of other guild members have given up without even submitting tickets as they've seen the way CS has responded. This is what one of my guild members received:

I am [redacted], from the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Customer Service Team.

I took good note that you did not receive retroactively a "Conqueror of Dantooine" after patch 5.10.4
I am afraid I cannot assist on that occasion.

Looking at your eligibility,
My logs show you exited previous guild to join Stroke My Wookie at Tue, 04 Jun 2019 18:07:05 GMT when
the conquest had already started.
A window of one hour is granted between Tuesday 17 and 18 hours to allow the players to change guild,
according to the conditions provided by the note of version 5.9.2 of 27/08/2018:

Read in particular "General" section of this release note:

-The end of the conquest evaluation period will now start on Tuesday at 17:00 GMT (instead of Monday at
18:00 GMT) and will last one hour (instead of 24 hours).
Guilds must commit to a planetary conquest no later than 6 pm GMT on Sunday (instead of 6 pm GMT on
Monday). "

I checked all other characters that played a conquest for that week, but none wre in a winning Team for that

I can anticipate your disappointment, but I remain close by for any other issue you may have.
What a mess. The patch note they refer to has nothing to do with when people join the guild or reach their weekly goal. There is no "join the guild" cut-off conquest wise. We've had people join on a Monday evening who earned their points and got the achievements. The only cut-offs that I've read about are (1) you have to be in the guild when the CQ ends and the next one begins and (2) you have to login to the character you won with within 3 days of that CQ ending (used to be mentioned on an in-game tooltip).