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I've been yelled at via /say for killing pubs in the black hole...they told me I would be reported for griefing as simply being on "their side" of the instance was a violation of the TOS or something. Meh, they were flagged and I didn't flag them. But there are many, many ppl on the server who seem opposed to the idea of world pvp let alone participating...and all of the ones I've seen have been pubs
I often head to the Republic side of BH when I'm done with my dailies (when I can bring myself to actually do them) and pick fights with anyone that flagged until the Pubic zerg comes to put a stop to it. I've also been ganked at the entrance to EoT a couple of times by a pretty good Shadow from Wook. I wish more folks would do this sort of thing as it definitely makes doing the dailies grind a lot more interesting.
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