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I can't see whether a healer is good or not, so at a certain point when the health bar of a party member is *very* low, I do go to a Kolto station.

I've seen deaths due to too late healing, so I'm never sure if the healer is good or not. How can I tell this After letting a player's character die a few times, cynically put ?

Then look at the DPS's level. According to my own exsperience, this is mostly due to the Group Finder even putting VERY low lechel chars into the group ... chars about which players here often complain "other than ... he never did anything substancial". Especiall at low levels, several abilities are missing, most people tend to forget that after playing level 70 for years.
Some deaths are because people did something really dumb. I am not one of the medics who let even bad players die if I can prevent it. But then I am healing against a scripted fight were people didn't respond properly to it and they might take more damage than the healer can counter. A LOT of people are so used to faceroll Flashpoints in the past that they are forgetting that a healer is supposed to heal the unavoidable damage, not the preventable. I am healing me a CTS nowadays and it's not especially fullfilling.