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But the rededication by the studio to investing in this game and taking feedback has been refreshing.
I agree with this. I think since Anthem launched it seems the choke leash was opened up a bit for SWTOR. I don't think it's a coincidence. The studio has undoubtedly made impressive efforts to better their communication. This is awesome.

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For example, in PvP, you could earn comms while leveling that were usable at max-level. In PvE, you could earn crystals that were usable at max level. As a crafter, I could craft and sell the best possible items before reaching level max. This created a seamless connection between leveling and the max-level game. You never felt like leveling/re-rolling was "pointless."
Right, this is well said and exactly what I believe, too. The early gameplay years back on SWTOR really was building a foundation developmentally for many players, just by how the easier activities tended to be rudimentary forms of what was to come later on.

As Joon says, in the past the players were rewarded for their participation in lower level activities and lesser forms of what would be considered end game activities for lvl 70s.

PVPing at low levels granted players not only experience for 70s PVP, but an accrual of spendable 70 lvl currency for gears that the low level player could save up and use.

Imo this was a smart way to get players to learn how to play as well as giving them an opportunity to prepare for lvl 70s PVP by also offering a very worthy reward that was usable by the player once they got their character to 70.

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5.0 changed that and erected an arbitrary brick firewall between 1-69 and 70. Until you hit level 70, you couldn't do anything in the base game to earn CXP, currency, etc. toward the max-level game play. And then, at 70, you started all over again with CXP from level 1. Now it will be RXP, and you will be starting from scratch at RXP level 1 after grinding 74 levels (or maybe buying a Master's Datacron). This is not trivial.
I hope it isn't going to be this way. ^

Hopefully they recognize these advancement gates they add to slow gearing up only serve to make the game disjointed and far less enjoyable. There shouldn't be a big disconnect between low level activities and cap level activities.

If anything, just the state of lowbies PVP is proving just how bad of an idea it is to minimalise rewards for lower level activities. With absolutely ZERO reason to queue for lowbies, no one queues lowbies now. Lowbies used to be the most active facet of PVP, not just because it was the first opportunity for players to PVP but also because as a lowbie we legitimately could improve ourselves through playing in lowbies. How?

Well, for one we got WZ comms as rewards along with credits. These could be used to buy WZ Medpacks/WZ Adrenals or even saved up to use for gears only available once the character reached cap level. Many PVPers would choose to level through PVP from 10-cap level just because the comms were worth it alone, but on top of that you really got to learn your class's abilities in PVP from the frequent queueing of lowbies.

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The legacy of 5.0 is that it created two separate games. One that's pre-70, and then one that happens post-70. And with 6.0, you'll now have to level 74 levels before anything you earn pre-75 counts for anything.
It sounds like a repeat of global command crates. What I dislike about this type of system is you only focus on getting to cap level asap, because you gain nothing for spending or investing time into the lower tier activities. They are nothing but chore-like, and this is why buying Master Datacrons has become the norm, because any opportunity to skip meaningless time investments will be taken advantage of if possible. I guess kudos to BW if that's their reasoning, if anything I am quite sure Master Datacrons are highly popular items off the CM. Personally, I'd rather see BW find ways to reward and entice players to play lower level content and not skip it, lower levels can be fun and equally fulfilling for players if done right by the game.

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Devs, you are claiming a goal of "Play What You Want." This is a great goal. For me, and I know I'm not alone, the vanilla class stories are the best part of the game. My favorite thing to do is re-roll a new toon, starting at level one, and then slowly level that toon through class story, heroics, planetary arcs, FPs, and lowbies/midbies PvP. But if I can't earn the 6.0 goodies by enjoying the parts of the game I love--things we've been rewarded for in the past--then "play what you want' rings hollow.
This is right. I realize we have some that actually parrot this idea that the players really can play the way they want right now, and sure, they can. They also end up missing out on tons of stuff unless they actually enjoy Ossus grinding for months on end and doing PVE stuff instead of PVP stuff to gear up for PVP.

Mind you, this only begins once the player has advanced their toon to 70 level.

This is not logical. You can't expect people to drudge along through 69 levels, and afford them nothing to show for it, nothing that can be used for them once they get their toon to 70. All this does is make people either skip the entire process with Master Datacrons or even worse just stop participating in anything lower level just because it's just wasting time when the only rewards worthwhile are given for doing 70 lvl activities.

By removing every useful incentive and reward from all low level activities, the game is suffering in these areas now which only means you end up with far less skilled/knowledgable people at the top because even noobs learn fast there's no reason to indulge in lowbie activities when everything worthwhile gained is at 70. Many people determine they might as well coast to cap level asap, and learn the game then.
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RNG is counterproductive because it massively increases player dissatisfaction.
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As I detailed in another thread, RNG give the players more control over their gearing.