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I stopped playing (but kept subbing) with the announcement of Ossus because [reasons] (stated many times in earlier posts and irrelevant to this post). I've logged in a couple times since then, lurked around here on and off, and generally just stayed loosely tracking.

But the rededication by the studio to investing in this game and taking feedback has been refreshing, and so I finally watched the the livestream which was overall great. I pretty much loved every single part of it--everything--until a mack truck came and blindsided me at ~46:40. It was roadkill for me after that. The runaway truck was a slide that read "Acquiring Items at 75." Alas, it seems that Galactic Renown XP (RXP) and the "new currency" won't be obtainable until level 75. This is a very bad design decision. For me as a "casual" RPing, story-loving, PvPing, altoholic player, this sort of "RXP-Gating" is game breaking.

The worst part of GC/5.0 for me was the effect on base/vanilla game play. I cannot emphasize this enough. Prior to 5.0, the base game was integrated with the max-level game. You progressed from level one to the max level, earning better gear, currency, knowledge, crafting, etc. along the way. You could never do everything of course, but that was never the point.

For example, in PvP, you could earn comms while leveling that were usable at max-level. In PvE, you could earn crystals that were usable at max level. As a crafter, I could craft and sell the best possible items before reaching level max. This created a seamless connection between leveling and the max-level game. You never felt like leveling/re-rolling was "pointless."

5.0 changed that and erected an arbitrary brick firewall between 1-69 and 70. Until you hit level 70, you couldn't do anything in the base game to earn CXP, currency, etc. toward the max-level game play. And then, at 70, you started all over again with CXP from level 1. Now it will be RXP, and you will be starting from scratch at RXP level 1 after grinding 74 levels (or maybe buying a Master's Datacron). This is not trivial.

The legacy of 5.0 is that it created two separate games. One that's pre-70, and then one that happens post-70. And with 6.0, you'll now have to level 74 levels before anything you earn pre-75 counts for anything.

For example, this means that low/mids PvP will remain shriveled as happened with 5.0. Low/mids PvP is an enjoyable part of the game for many people, but why invest in it if you can't earn any useful rewards/XP/currency from it? That's not a hypothetical question--Galactic Command killed low/mids PvP (and many of us have shown our data for this in the past).

This isn't just about PvP, it's about class stories, FPs, GSF, heroics, and all the awesome stuff in the base game. It's all "unrewarding" (back off you "the game itself is the reward" types) until the arbitrary level 75? Why does this need to be the case?

This should be obvious, but it's worth pointing out that "max-level" game play isn't necessarily synonymous with "end game." It depends on what one considers "end game." If it's merely the arbitrary gate between a level and a piece of content, then that's one thing.

But if "end game" is that point in the game where you've completed the story, side quests, low/mid PvP, knowing the class, or whatever else, and then are ready to take on "recyclable" and more challenging content, then that's totally separate from any arbitrary character level. A newer player could reach 70 at some point well before finishing all the story, knowing nothing about the end game content. And a seasoned player might be able to buy a Master's Datacron and immediately jump into ranked PvP without touching the story. And everything in between. So "max level" is not some inherently meaningful transition point, some indicator of achievement or readiness. It's just an arbitrary number that by itself indicates nothing. So there is no good reason to lock

Devs, you are claiming a goal of "Play What You Want." This is a great goal. For me, and I know I'm not alone, the vanilla class stories are the best part of the game. My favorite thing to do is re-roll a new toon, starting at level one, and then slowly level that toon through class story, heroics, planetary arcs, FPs, and lowbies/midbies PvP. But if I can't earn the 6.0 goodies by enjoying the parts of the game I love--things we've been rewarded for in the past--then "play what you want' rings hollow.

I'll try to address some of the weaker counter arguments up front:
  • "But leveling is faster than ever before" - on hand hand, it's not fast enough if your playstyle includes class stories. These basically have a speed limit associated with them if your goal is to complete them (as an RPer, that is a goal for me). But on the other hand, leveling is too fast if you want to play low/mid PvP. I actually use the White Acute Module so that I don't level too fast.
  • "But Master's Datacron" - when I first saw this, I was like 'i'm gonna buy tons of these". But I didn't because I soon realized it blocks you out of low/mids PvP. And it's immersion breaking (for me) to have all my LvL 70 abilities on Tython. (Now, if they offered a datacron that allowed you to start earning RXP and currency at level one, there might be some appeal in that)
  • "But you just wanna get gear the easy way" - yeah, maybe. I dunno. I guess that's the meaning of "play as you want"?
  • "But you should just play for the inherent fun, not for gear" - this just not worth responding to.

So in sum, it shouldn't matter if everyone agrees with my views of how I like to play the game. Play what you want must imply "enjoy" playing what you want and I enjoy playing from level 1. Does that mean that every idiosyncrasy has to be indulged by the devs? No. But I'm far from alone in thinking that the vanilla game here is fantastic and integral. And so at least that should be included in "Play What You Want ("And Enjoy It")...

Tl;dr: devs, please drop the RXP-gating firewall at level 75 and allow us to earn the new XP and currency from level one (and if you've already planned on doing that, and I misunderstood, then bravo and thanks!)