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Greetings, I am currently enjoying full Madness and pretty much use it currently on most content I get into. After looking at some of the changes and such, it appears that the Devs are pushing Madness more for PVP play and Lightning more to PVE...I may be completely off mark but it just feels that way...

Dot/reverse heals for Madness....(all abilities are for the most part insta-cast).

Thundering blast now cast-able on the move, most crit multipliers are in this tree....

With that said does anyone have any input on how they feel about lightning?

It was my mainstay till I moved into hybrid lightning and then to full madness.

Any insight or opinions are welcome!
I think madness has always been more PvP friendly because it has great pressure and is a lot harder to shut down. That said I think a lot of the changes made will definitely help lightning in PvP more than PvE since you can turret a lot more in PvE and a lot of the changes were about mobility and instant casts (Subversion and convection talents and force mobility) Lightning is also getting interrupt protection after being interupted

So to me it looks like they are trying to make lightning better in PvP, while giving QoL changes for PvE. That said I think the raw dps output will determine if it makes it into top teir PvE, remember that people used to laugh at madness sorcs in PvE before the buff because lightning was better in so many areas.
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