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I see you guys decided to make a new range class fotm in addition to merc. You want to ruin pvp and loose your subs since sins get useless set bonuses and tacticals like using phantom stride while in stealth buffs discharge (lol who will use close up ability in stealth), mara gets mad dash critical hit while in camouflage (no comments at all) but yeah sorc gets damage buff in big percentages and sorcs tacticals even look extended (one + one + one) lol.

Volt Flux - Volt Rush triggers Lightning Storm when activated. Chain Lightning spreads the Energized effect and causes your next Volt Rush to arc to nearby targets.
Like 3 effects lol ls proc + spreading effect of energize + making volt rush possible on other targets

Ruthless Demolition - Demolish deals 20% more damage on initial hit. Additionally, under Polarity Shift, Demolish resets the cooldown of Force Leech, and causes the next Force Leech to activate instantly.

HUGE DAMAGE buff+ reset cool down + making instant

DEvs when you will finally learn that making new fotm class ruins the game and makes people unsub. If i see sorcs recking all ranked arena and everyone swapping to playing sorcs i will unsub first
Have you ever played sorc DD? especially last 2 years. It's only pain, no defs, all roots and slow are ignored because all classes, especially melee now have too many ignoring or speed bonuses, or have immunity bonuses.

New ability is useless, nobody using Volt rush now, it's GCD skill, which have lesser DMG than lightning strike in madness, and i'm not saying about bolt in Lightning. Tactical with Polarity shift and 2 Force leeches, with alacrity you have chance to use it only one time in 1 minute 45 seconds, DMG from one Leech lesser than Mara have with Concentrated slice or Focused Burst, which mara using each 10 seconds or lesser. And in compare with General sets and general tactical itmes it's not the best set and item, you wanna test it? go to PTS and play. I was there and saying all with this expirience.