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So, fully acknowledge that currencies have gotten out of hand as of late. Historically, currency was used to gauge participation in specific content. However, we should be much more diligent about how many unique currencies are active at one time. For reputation areas I'd like us to lean away from unique's and rely more on the Reputation requirement and a simple Credit transaction.

Currencies planned for deprecation (Credit conversion):
Unassembled Components
Command Tokens
Masterwork Crystals
Monumental Crystals
Alliance Recon Data

For the existing reputation currencies we'll be moving them to a new category on the currency window so they aren't competing for "End Game" Status.
How will the above change Ossus where the gearing for some players is dependent on Unassembled Components and Masterwork Crystals? Will everything just be available for credits off a vendor there in Onslaught?
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