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Hello everyone!

Answer - Let me offer some explanation around how we avoid this for tacticals.
  • All tactical items are on the same power level, they are meant to be horizontal progression. Although we know that some will inevitably pop up as the "desired" tacticals, they should all be roughly equal.
  • We have built in "bad luck prevention". As you get drops that aren't a tactical, the game will increase your chance of getting one.
  • We also have duplicate protection for tacticals so that once you get a tactical, we lower your odds of getting it again provided it is in your inventory/equipped (since you only need it once).

Also, pepperoni.

When you say in inventory you mean actual inventory or can the system check for what you have in storage as well? I obviously only will have one tactical equipped and I don't want to run around with an inventory full of tacticals if I am trying to get a specific one and avoid duplicates.