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07.08.2014 , 12:57 PM | #10
For someone who has never tanked before I found times where tanking was very difficult and exhausting. As a perfectionist, I put double the time in learning to make sure I give my raid nothing but 110%. Good tanks in this game are not differentiated by how hard a class is to play but by seeing the big picture the whole time.

If you do not have good awareness and take fast decision, you will find tanking very difficult in the beginning. You claim you have MMO experience so for you this should be a matter of getting used to the game and how your new character works. Also, what are your expectations?

If i were to share mine, you would realize that if I lose aggro even for a global cooldown I will sit down and peruse my log to see what happened. Oftentimes this is outside of my control due to accuracy based rolls, however, when this roll is not to blame, I need to learn to play a bit better. You can rest assured I will actually do better next time as I cannot accept to lose aggro not even for a global.