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I am new to the game but I played wow from vanilla to lich king. I did not raid tank but did heroics (prot warrior).

I burned out from wow partly because of dps in pugs and I just did not like dealing with them. The people here seem nicer so I was debating on giving it a try but a quick question.

I am leaning towards the jedi guardian tank spec. How difficult are the rotations? I dont want ez mode but at this point i dont want to do a lot of work for a game (that is why I was leaning dps).
It isn't difficult at all. Since you're a protection warrior vet, I recommend rolling either a Jedi guardian or a Sith Juggernaut as your tank: The play mechanics are virtually identical. A high mobility meat shield that can bounce around the battlefield, armed with a cooldown for any situation you can imagine. AOE threat is back-loaded until level 30 when you get sweeping slash and challenging call, but it's still a fun class.
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