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They are more accurate than that thread, but not fully applicable to in-game scenarios due to the variances in PvP and boss fights.

So no, I didn't contradict myself.
While I recognize that currently that's the only place to try and get a feel for the pecking order of the classes, it is a rather inaccurate method of doing so. I'd say to take those numbers on parsely as what the top possible DPS ceilings can achieve if all the stars align. Generally speaking, most people don't upload bad or average parses on parsley.

Given the amount of RNG that play into performance and effect the numbers, luck is as much a component to the numbers you see on parsely as skill. You can't do anything about luck except play the law of averages. You keep going at it time and time again, eventually you'll hit a lucky street.

I've had parses on parsley that were one time events. High's that I was never able to repeat. People will always upload their bests each time they beat their former bests. It would be foolish to think that the people who did those parses are always performing at that level, they're not. That said, however, stating that a person only got those high numbers because they were extremely lucky and had an insane amount of crits isn't a valid point either because achieving some of those very best parse numbers are only possibly with insane amounts of critical hits and that RNG factor applies to everyone. If it's okay for one guy to have reached those numbers than it's okay for anyone to reach those numbers, no one has an edge on RNG/luck, so no one should be using the high amount of critical hits [or extremely low miss chance, or extremely high damage rolls, etc] as some sort of mitigating factor to the accomplishment.

I'd take those numbers and how they may constitute a defacto DPS pecking order with quite a few grains of salt. As you pointed out, they aren't fully applicable to in-game scenarios due to the variances in PvP and boss fights.