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As a first timer who you (and several others on Republic side, Harbinger) annihilated time and time again yesterday, I whole heartedly agree that it was not fun and had I something better to do, I may not have stuck around as long as I did.

See this post:

(Flying under 'Loose Sausagewallet')
Normally you won't see my main for more than a few random matches on any given day. If you're referring to the most recent Galactic Command bonus day for GSF - I flew her longer than I have the entire time I've had her, and she's almost 3 years old now.

The week long command bonus event managed to get me to sub, and even with the bonus its still very grindy.

I won more than I lost, but not by a huge margin - and don't think I even grouped for q priority that day despite focusing on GSF specifically for command xp (along with heroics and such).

And yes, there were definitely a lot of inexperienced pilots to go around, but I did end up having a solid amount of quality games despite the influx.

Just last night I got in on imp q for daily knowing full well that there wasn't enough strength on that side to succeed against the team of 4 pubside. So, accepting that loss is almost inevitable - sometimes I play differently for the sake of amusement. Instead of actively trying to win in a hopeless situation - I would try and focus my efforts on someone and make sure that even with the huge advantage they would still have to blow up a few times. It's essentially a kamikaze stye one way trip.

Sometimes, you have to find a different way to enjoy the mode other than winning. A lot of what got me to ace level was simply finding the strongest pilots and trying desperately to kill them. Most of the time I didn't have to find them, they found me, over and over again. I died excessively in the beginning but each attempt was its own little learning experience.

I had more fun in those two losing matches than I did in the one prior where I was pub winning with a blowout.
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