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The new reward for the intro quest is really nice. You can essentially unlock every ship and use the daily and weeklies to help gather req or invest it all in one or a few ships.

The grind is still painfully slow. I was left to rely on the heavy hitters to get a win or generally eat a blowout loss for very little req.

I am level 22 I think at the time of writing this. My ships on the other hand are still far from competitive - primarily as I'm going up against skilled pilots who are nearly or fully upgraded vs my "baby ship". It really puts in perspective just how often I did this to level multiple characters before costs were reduced.
It is a bit less grindy if you start playing GSF at 50 or higher. Then you can pick up intro to conquest, use the fleet reqs to get a sting/flashfire for your first game (which at least is somewhat useful in stock config), and then after you've bought every ship in the game plus companions (from the 25k gsf intro quest) you can use the ship reqs from the conquest quest to do initial setup on all your ships. It doesn't make them competitive, but you can at least get the most important components for your ships before you bring them to battle.

One thing I would like them to change related to requisitions is the participation rules. If you're fleeing for your life through a flurry of bolts and missiles, you're soon counted as not participating, when clearly you are. In addition to doing damage and interacting with objectives, being hit or being the target of missile locks should count as participation.