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Someone wrote here - at least that was how I understood him or her, that taking out weaker players in an domination (?) map is an essetial thing, because weaker players would be a threat, too.
That is probably because they are. Even the weakest player who never pulls the trigger on their weapons can contribute significantly in a Domniation match just by getting to A B or C and staying alive in the vicinity of the node. When those weaker players do happen to pull the trigger and shoot, they are adding firepower into a zone of attrition around a satellite that can overcome your team. If those weaker players are in bombers, they can (and often do) find a crack to wedge themselves in and sit there in a hard-to-hit position.

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Keeping this kind of logic in mind (/supposed I understood it correctly), I understand now why one side continues to perform this "complete decimation" without helping newer players.
Help new players outside the confines of a match. I do. Frequently. That is the appropriate venue for reaching out to people and/or providing them the resources to learn.

If people hate losing, they can react to that by either quitting or by using it to fuel their motivation to improve. If the path to improvement is too long or involved for some, that is a decision they can make based on their personal tolerance.

If a game system provides everyone accessibility to the same tools, it is reasonable to say that it is a fair system. People are not blocked from achieving their personal best by anything other than lack of motivation, dedication, and physical skills. Anyone can contribute competently in GSF.

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