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I think you mean this one?

3:30 approximately. If we're going by that though, it throws a lot of other factors into question - and as we see from the game, conquest doesn't mean immediate 100% loyalty. Plus, blitzkreig tactics are great for overwhelming an enemy, but you usually wind up with an inability to hold those new territories. The game has laid out pretty well that even with the reduced territories following the Treaty, the Sith Empire was struggling to hold its new territories.

I think it would be safer and easier for the purpose of the thread to stick with the rough size constraints of the Sith Empire at roughly the last months of the Treaty of Coruscant - the setting members are most familiar with. But I'm not adjudicator, so that's just my suggestion.
I don't understand why we can't just take the map for what it is: the SE controled 7/11 (or 63.6 percent) of the galaxy.