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As for the heavy walkers and Dark Troopers you named: the SE has similar stuff. We've seen Imperial Tanks before. We've seen super-soldiers (Power Guards) and colassal war droids. The Empires are very similar except the GE is a bit bigger and the SE has Sith.
Dark Troopers>Power Guard
GE Walkers>SE Walkers

The Powerguards can't even compare to the Dark Troopers and nothing the SE brings can compare to the AT-AT, or other heavy vehicles the Galactic Empire can bring. And the Sith Empire can't build vehicles or ships nearly as fast as the Galactic Empire. The Sith Empire doesn't have nearly the same amount of manpower the Galactic Empire has.

The Galactic Empire is superior to the Sith Empire in every way. Even the Sith don't give the SE enough manpower to overwhelm the Galactic Empire.
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