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while this would greatly help noobs, it makes decent sorcs/sages ridiculously difficult to kill with huge damage output. The thing is, most noob sorc/sages play melee. That means they stand in one spot, shoot lightning at others and hope to win. Here's a fun fact, you won't. Step 1, move. Step 2, apply dots, step 3, if they follow you, move again. Pretty basic. You have phase walk, bubble, endless self heals, force sprint, what else do you need? But oh no, you want to be like a merc who just stands there wailing on people and thinking you'll win.
I agree with the point you're making here.

However, running away is often counterproductive in wz's. Sorcs/Sages lack the ability to stand and deliver (as you pointed out). But IMHO, having a beefy DCD on a 3 min timer would not be broken, and would do 2 things:

1) it would let sorcs defending a node do more than bubble for run away

2) it would even the playing field a *little* bit against maras and operatives, which are incredibly sticky and burst very hard. Bubbling and teleporting away might allow one to survive, but they only delay the (often) inevitable.