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11.01.2019 , 04:09 AM | #6
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Winners and losers 6.0 so far(rDPS, survivability wise)

+ Phase Walk

+ Double Rocket Out(good for kiting)
- Self-healing(Rapid Scan, Emergency Scan) is nerfed by ~20%

- Self-healing(Resurgence, Dark Heal, probably Static Barrier) is nerfed by ~20%
That's pretty much it yea , , if they actually wanna go and nerf Lightning or touch Stormwatch we are gonna be the bottom of the barrel on all 3 specs. Kinda dissapointed to see SINS dmg buffed to insane numbers hitting for 69k in pvp is just not right and operatives conc. atleast hits like a truck plus self healing.

All in all not very happy with this patch and sorc healing just looks depressing , 3 more pieces and i'll see it first hand.