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10.29.2019 , 07:53 PM | #1
Sorc badly needs more means to survive. Right now it is a very easy target, especially if sorc doesn't know he should kitty his/her opponent. I played both assassin and sorc, assassin just eats sorcs for dinner. Yes, it is possible for sorc to win, I had those moments, but, every time my life was hanging by the thread, there is almost no room for mistake, not only our damage sucks, but our survivability is atrocious also. It's like they turned him into food for other classes compared to what I heard about sorcs in glory days. Some abilities from Valkorion that we had briefly to experience would be great maybe, Not that OP of course... Oh yeah, new ability has no use at all, its damage is the same as a cat bite, but even that doesn't do justice to cats...

What I would like to suggest is:
1. Make lightning spec into heavy burst spec, high damage, but not much on the defense, kill or be killed philosophy so to speak, lots of running around and keeping distance from the opponent.
2. Make madness spec into survivability spec, higher on defense less damage then lightning. What I have in mind is a melee caster, someone who can take damage. And to cover for PvE players, add some bonuses that he will give to a group maybe so it won't turn into mainly PvP spec.

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