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So you're basically saying, you're in a position where you use 4 root breakers, and you still cant handle roots, despite the fact 3 of those are immunities after breaking the root.
Then, you have 2 purges, but it's still not enough

And somehow Force Charge is supposed to solve this?

While we're asking for stupid things, can i have the GM Lazer skill so i cant beat everyone in a 1v1 with 1 button and brag to all my friends about how alpha i am?
Let's be realistic for a second here, maybe you've never played the class before. 4 root breakers... so you have the one tied to Enrage, a DPS ability, on a 1 minute cooldown. Which means you have to sacrifice its use for damage if you want it as a root break, and its only available once a minute. Mad Dash root break, again tied to a utility so you have to sacrifice something, on a 35 second cooldown. This is the best one the class has, and its still on a fairly long cooldown, and does not give you additional speed meaning you can be rooted/snared again 2 seconds after its use. Enraged Defense, which actually does not break roots so too bad so sad if you're already rooted, and on a 2 minute cooldown (1 minute 30 second possible if spec'd). Also only lasts for duration of the cooldown, so if you have any dots on you, its gone in a second or two. And finally Unremitting, which also isn't a root break, only immunity upon leap, meaning all the opponent has to do is kite within melee range and keep you rooted and snared to prevent you from utilizing it.

Oh yippee, what a mobile class.

Meanwhile, SIns have 50% speed boost with 50% uptime from Ball Lightning, and Force Speed every 15 seconds which actually does break roots (and they can still spec Phantom Stride to break them as well). Maras have Predation which is the ultimate movement utility so discussion over there. And PT's have Hydraulics up for 10 out of every 45 seconds with +75% movement speed (that's about 20% uptime). And that's just the other melee classes. Oh and operative troll roll > all but we already know that.

Its a fact, Juggs are the easiest melee class to lock down in the game right now, especially DPS Juggs because they lack the +30% speed when guarded target is attacked ability that tanks get.
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