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I can answer that question, because I have the same issue on a wider scale....

Stock Levels Matter
This is especially true for different crafts that use the same materials

old system was a pain because it took up 3 bays to get a good view of what you had for system holds more without taking up a ton off storage space, but I can't even bring myself to call it organized

Old way:
you could put products in stripes of skills, rows of type, and columns of grade, if I wanted to make say war supplies, all I needed to do was look down the column and see what I was short on, know which missions to run for it, and be able to balance it across all types of war supplies and make equal amounts for converting into invasion forces....

now I need to look up each recipe individually, then each item in the recipes, then compare them all, then go back and see which I'm short, re-look up which item it is so I can see what craft and what grade farms it, etc ad nauseam.

and why? because some idjit thought it'd be useful to use a default alphabetical filter on a system of components that has absolutely no naming convention at all. when what's obviously needed is a a grade and type filtering system. it's not like the data isn't there, it's a property tag that gets read every time you mouse over a mat.... even alpha sorting on that would be better than trash pile we have.
Now we are talking, see someone with actual sense. I mean the crew skill vendor should be used as a skin. But they just jumbled some UI together in hopes it would satisfy us. It needs some tweaking.

Further I do not like keeping super rares in the inventory so I can keep tabs on my end game crafting and what is needed without having to go to the B window and cross reference. Mega crafters will understand this more than a casual crafter. It just simpler to keep my Solids, embers and processed in a bay but my thousands of other mats are fine in the new Materials UI!!!
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