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I'm not sure I understand *why* you don't like keeping super-rares in there.

If you're referring to Assembly Components and Bonded Attachments, that's actually a good thing. You can deconstruct them on the character that made them for augmentation slot components, but once you put them in the shared storage, they forget who made them, and thus you only get materials back. If you don't care about that, right-click the "diamond-with-arrow" (stash mats in shared storage) button at the top of the Inventory panel and pick the maximum quality colour you want it to send to shared, then click it from time to time.
no matter how much right clicking you do to that dumb diamond it does not place BLUES or PURPLES in the massive storage, further if there is an issue with RE-ing them cause of loss of materials or better RnG and the like that is a developer programming flaw bent on making you have to work more and get less as it seems to have started at 4.7 They need to hot patch it or PATCH it Period. Jesus does no one see the forest through the trees?
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