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This was my first spec I played. It used to be my favorite as well. Now its the single least played DPS spec in PvE. Hopefully the ideas I propose will change that.

Tactical Items:

Increases the damage of of Smash by X% (something large. Let's say 100% since Smash was nerfed really hard) and increases its AoE radius by 3m. Smash can now also spread your Force Crush to other targets so long as it hits a target already effected by it (This DoT spread is optional honestly, but it would be crazy and redesign the spec in a sense if this is too powerful, a simple tweak would be to make it so the final tick of Force Crush is an 8m AoE instead since spreading the slow would be insanely powerful. Or just have it not spread the slow). In addition, Obliterate causes a shock wave upon hitting a target that damages up to 7 enemies within 8m of the original target (Make it do the same damage as Obliterate itself and have the chance to crit as well). This will help bring back the feel, and memories, of the good ol' "Jump and Smash" people loved - and hated - during launch.

Furious Strike has no cooldown when hitting a target under the effects of Force Crush. In addition, using Raging Burst lowers the cooldown of Furious Strike by X seconds. (the latter effect, or something similar to it, would be needed to prevent the flow of the rotation from being destroyed since the rotation is about buffing your Raging Burst with Obliterate and Force Crush being used on cooldown).

Increase critical damage by X% and decrease non-critical damage by Y%.

Set bonus:

Before I get into this, I personally believe that Ravage is the identifying ability of the Sith Warrior base class. This belief is why I tied all of the set bonuses to Ravage.

2pc: Ravage and Force Scream increase the critical chance of your Furious Strike by 100%. This effect can only occur once every X seconds. (30, 45, or 60 seconds is fine. This is basically the current 6pc, but more similar to the Marauder version which is better because you get the auto crit during your opening burst window).

4pc: Activating Ravage increases your crit chance and damage by X% for Y seconds. This can only occur once every other Ravage. (The percentage doesn't need to be big, nor do they need to be the same. Maybe 5% crit damage increase and 10% crit chance increase for example)

6pc: Ravage deals X% more damage (20% for the sake of this) and lowers the cooldown of all offensive abilities, as well as Enrage, by 1.5 seconds. The latter effect can only occur once every other Ravage. (Ravage is rather lackluster with the current set bonus provided. A flat damage buff will be more beneficial, I believe, than a small crit chance boost provided currently. As for the latter effect, it basically allows you to skip a Retaliation, which is your weakest filler and more fitting for Immortal, every other Ravage cycle and it allows you to get to your burst window faster. Personally, I would like it to be every Ravage cycle, but I feel that would likely be too strong. I personally think that the skipped GCD fits in well since you already have abilities that reduce the GCD of several of your abilities due to a passive in the skill tree)