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04.18.2019 , 11:21 AM | #7
I agree that Shii-Cho should be a balanced from between damage and defense.

Thing is: dont make them too tanky. That's what tanks are for.

It's got enough burst imho, maybe even the best burst sequence in the (pvp) game. (sages be droppin')

Idea 1:
99% Damage Reduction while in Flight
(Force Jump, Obliterate aswell as Intercede)
So while in-air, attacks do almost no damage.
Just like Darth Malgus in the SWTOR-Trailer.

Idea 2:
X% Damage Reduction against DoTs varyiing with how much Rage you have.
Like, in full rage, you don't feel the pain of Poisons, Drones or Curses or Fire.
Same idea with full focus.

Idea 3: (just for the discipline-name s' sake
Bloodrage/ Battle Focus
a CD you can only use when having a full rage/focus bar, which it does not consume, but always replenish to full rage/focus after using a skill that consumes those. Maybe also include a damage reduction against Kinetic Damage, increase the alacricy and attack stats by 15%, but therefore reducing all incoming healing by 30%. The Bloodrage/Battle Focus lasts on unti you disable it or die and it can not be cleansed by friend or foe.