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I know some of the companion storylines intersect, or did prior to the start of the game. The General at the end of Black Talon mentions a bunch of weapons that the Empire and Republic are developing, including at least one from the JK story.

Also the Smuggler and Trooper story lines start at the same time. I believe it is Corso at the very start of the Smuggler storline that mentions a troop transport (presumably carrying the Trooper) being shot up Separatists, right as you landed. Also the in the Counsular storyline, i believe it's the end of Tython, there is a comment about the Twi'leks having a new Matriarch. I can't remember anything from the beginnings of the BH, IA, SI, or SW storylines.

My presumption is that all the class stories happen concurrently (or within a few days/weeks). Also the order of the story happens in the order of the planets you visit. This would mean that Emp-Balmora happens before Rep-Balmora, and Rep-Taris happens before Emp-Taris. I'm not entirely sure of this since I haven't played through each side to 50, yet.