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sometimes I think EA should have assigned two studios- Bioware for the stories and another for the MMO elements because in 2012, multiplayer was not what they did well at all. SWTOR might have ended up a very expensive failure that killed Bioware as a lot of us were worried it could.
I might be in the minority on this, but I actually found WAR to be one of my favorite MMOs of all time, and that was a BW game. I never knew BW from anything but WAR, I never heard of them doing great stories or anything else.

That game began with tons of bugs, and was not fully developed when it came out (as usual it seems with new MMOs) and the bad start hurt it's longevity IMO. People gave up on it early on, and never came back but in reality, they ended up making the game very fun and successful from a technical standpoint.

The large PVP battles in an open world were fun and I was amazed how well the game ran with so many characters on the screen, all running about fighting. The WZs were fun too, I loved the variety of maps they had!

This is why it shocked me that they created a game, SWTOR after WAR which is incapable of running large scale battles! How is this possible, when they did it with an older game quite well? Also surprising me to this day is how they had so many really varied different WZ maps, yet with SWTOR they seem to struggle with creating different fun maps for their WZs.

After a couple years WAR was running very well, class balance was decent and I played many different classes, loved the healers more than anything (I still miss my Warrior Priest)!

The game WAR collapsed due to lack of players, but in the end WAR was actually running quite well and had minimal technical issues. It was fun, engaging, allowed for immense open world battles over keeps with hundreds of players engaging one another and if you queued for it's WZs they were really fun and imaginative. I never fretted over gearing, at worst it could be inconveneit, but I never dreaded it or stopped playing the game over any gearing issues WAR had during it's span of life. Sadly it's poor start up created a mass exodus of players initially and I feel they just never gave it a chance later. Typical fickle players, in my mind.

Oh! They even had a part of their forums/website dedicated to showing how many got "BanHammered" for cheating, hacking, it was running scoreboard! I mean, that's how fun that game was, they even made light of that facet of the game! I loved that.

I just can't agree with the notion that by 2012 BW was incapable of making a decent MMO on their own.
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RNG is counterproductive because it massively increases player dissatisfaction.
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As I detailed in another thread, RNG give the players more control over their gearing.