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I read this comment in another thread (

"The missile lock is an especially bad aspect. I've bought all the reduced lockon time upgrades possible on several of them, and they still randomly stop tracking despite the target never leaving the middle of the aim circle. When I get TONE to tell me I'm locked, it's hit or miss whether any missiles actually fire when I release. I finally realized that SOMETIMES they are firing but playing no visual, but sometimes they just don't fire despite hearing a lock and the target never getting out of my fire zone. Clearly I'm doing something wrong, because other players seem to have NO problem at all getting lockon in amazingly short times." [Courtesy of The_Hunter_Too]

I have EXACTLY these same problems. Lock-on process interrupts for no apparent reason (no defensive moves triggered, target still centered), and then the bit about missiles not firing when I release the button after a successful (supposedly) lock. Again, targets are still in range and no maneuvers/cooldowns have been executed. I have the same problems with Sabotage Probes also.

Am I screwing up or is something broken here? Both problems seem to happen quite frequently.