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True, the 10% damage is better on paper. But in flight, the extra damage is just way too small. Once your target is stripped of its shield, the only ships with enough hull to survive a slug without the 10% and die to a slug with the 10% are strikes with Reinforced Armor. Without shield, Sheeps and scouts get 1-slugged. If you're playing correctly your Quarrel, most of the time, you will face ships with very low shields.
The only time you should slug a target with shields up is if you're attacked.... And against every single attacker, ideal would be to Ion once then follow-up by a slug. 10% increase only the chance of 1-slugging unshielded strikers if they use a rather rare component. 16% crit gives you a chance to 1-slug shielded scouts, gunships and unshielded bombers.
So, in ideal conditions, when you can Ion your target before slugging, the crit chance is more valuable because it actually give you a chance to kill an unshielded bomber with one slug. If you can't Ion, the crit chance is still more valuable because it can 1-shot the enemy scout/gunship.
Personally I prefer having a chance to 1-shot in situations where I can't use two shots rather than needing to use two shots anyway.
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