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Re: the bolded - can I ask what the reasoning was? I know the case for each choice (at least, the conventional wisdom), just wondering why you decided to make the change.
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I have actually debated the Mangler/Quarrel {crit chance to more base damage} change myself for a while, and finally made the switch several days ago to try it out. Sadly my matches since then have only had me in a gunship once or twice so not a lot of "field testing" yet. Regardless, looking at the theory on paper, I'll take a stab at this one. I'm gonna keep the math very basic & assume "perfect" probability & random number generator behavior to make it easier on myself.

Slug Railgun w/ 16% Crit Bonus

Standard Base Damage = 1,600
50% Crit damage bonus
84 normal shots X 1,600 damage = 134,400
16 crit shots X 2,400 damage = 38,400
total damage dealt = 172,800

Slug Railgun w/ 10% bonus to standard damage
adjusted standard base damage = 1,760
100 shots X 1,760 = 176,000

The difference in total damage dealt isn't huge but the 10% bonus wins a bit on paper. In real matches, the gap could actually be much larger. Because probability/RNG is involved, you never know when a crit hit might be "wasted" on a miss, in which case you "lost" 2,400 damage instead of 1,760. Likewise, even if your accuracy for a match was 100%, there is still no guarantee you will have even 1 critical hit. Another thing to consider is the shield piercing. In comparing non-crit hits you get about 40-50 points more past the shields with every slug shot using the 10% bonus option, in theory speeding up every enemy death.
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