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06.25.2020 , 02:21 PM | #9912
This was too funny not to share.

Kaon MM.

The healer (sage) was obviously new to the game, kept pushing trash with force wave. I then pointed out not to use it as they will die slower that way, still kept doing it. So I jokingly said he should be using force quake as it looks way cooler, unfortunately to no avail. After the "turret boss" tank (shadow) said he hopes the healer will heal more and dps less for next bosses. The Behemoth was really close, luckily we had really good dps. Now the funny part! Bonus boss. Healer couldn't keep up, he was obviously still clueless. We wiped. Healer was told only to heal. We pull, get him to like 30 %. Suddenly I notice the boss is on me and I see the tank using lampost regen. When he had enough hp, taunted it off of me and we killed the damn robot. Funniest thing I've seen in a while . We finished the last boss with just the healer dead, he released and pulled all he could on the way. We all agreed but the healer that it was really unusual run.
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