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Eheh, you'll see in the end that swtor is probably the game with the most cc available in PvP. We have a ton of them, and it's in fact often too much. If you want more cc, take the Backlash utility, and don't play sorc like a melee.
There is various utilities that allow you to extend your survivability in a fight, what I personally recommend to take are the following :

Empty Body - Sith Defiance
Suppression - Torturous Tactics
Emersion - Backlash - Shapeless Spirit
Force Mobility

Those points can give you what you need to survive longer in PvP, as well as being able to move non-stop, kite opponents as well as keeping some cc abilities if you need some.

That's all I can give you for advice, and no, no class needs more cc, don't let peoples get near you and you should be cool
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