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Quote: Originally Posted by Yezzan View Post
The cost is too high. It is a severe penalty to players who do not have billions of credit to gamble on this system, especially since, it will affect PvP.

I am suggesting that you remove the RNG factor and reconsider the credit cost.

Instead of RNG -- Give players the range of stats that can be recalibrated on the item. Let them pay a fee for selecting the stat they want and then pay subsequent fees upgrade (or level up) the stats to a higher level. Additionally, the option to reset a specific stat should be available (at a cost) and players can repeat the process as descried above.

Also, it's too expensive to remove mods. The 58k for the 258 rating gear was already too much. And IDk how you jumped from 40k to 100k for MK-11 augment.
Not sure why you mentioned affecting PvP specifically since PvPers should have more money in general with no gear repairs for the longevity of the game. If a player doesnt have the money, they probably spent it elsewhere and as such has something that the penny pinching player doesnt.