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I liked the old look, pulling out robots parts and stuff from the ground was cooler than just always rocks

I also liked the powertechs flamethrower before, the new quick one is lame, same with powertech using death from above, I dont like that new one eitther.

I remember when they change dark ward from that purple stuff to that stupid animation with the relics or something, the newest one is the better one for that though.

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I loved the old look, it was visually interesting at the very least.
The only thing that I miss more is the BH Mercenary triple heal Rapid Shots. The one shot Kolto Shot just looks super lackluster. They've changed that think so many times though.
Thanks guys, these are great examples of other abilities they could do this for in other classes. I would definitely go back to the old Merc heal, that was so much cooler! Though the Powertech one coldn't work because the reason they changed it was to be able to move while channeling, they couldn't have done with the old DFA

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