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Is there a translated version of this guide for Mercs?
That I have done, no. However, I am playing my Mercenary as my main now, so I actually had to look up most of the new ability/utility/skill names because I hadn't even leveled my Commando to Level 60. Fortunately, Commando and Mercenary share the same forum now (when I first made this guide they were separate), so I can look into adding the Mercenary "translations" along side the Commando names.

It might take a week or so considering my work schedule, but it should be doable.

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I'm about to finish leveling my merc since he's been sitting around at level 35 for months and months and was wondering if it's viable to level with the Bodyguard discipline. I haven't touched him since way before 3.0, but he was originally intended to be my healer character. Should I level using Arsenal and then switch at 60, or just go with Bodyguard?
For PVP, I always found Bodyguard/Combat Medic healing really unforgiving in the lower and middle PVP brackets. Mostly because of ammo/heat management. I think it's still going to be harsh, at least until Field Triage at Level 40. But to be honest, I haven't gone through the leveling curve as a Bodyguard or Combat Medic since Patch 2.5 (except from Level 55 to 60, obviously), so it may be easier with the changes in the Discipline. I don't know for sure because I haven't done it.

I will say that while leveling between 55 to 60, though, I definitely noticed the cost of Kolto Bomb/Missile. That was one of my most used heals, and now its cost is the same as Advanced Medical Probe/Healing Scan and Medical Probe/Rapid Scan by default. Successive Treatment/Scan takes the edge off, but I still felt the relief when Kolto Bomb/Missile had its cost reduced by 5 at Level 59.
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