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In regards to IO, is your opener the same as the regular rotation?
Pretty much.

You spike the start with empowered DoT which will kick your damage to about 6000dps roughly half a rotation in:

GCD01 Serrated Shot (buffing DoT and 2pc 2% damage increase)
GCD02 Incendiary Missile (required to trigger Supercharged Burn)
GCD03 Electronet + Adrenal + Supercharged Gas

And then you roll cleanly into the rotation.

This doesn't make use of the 6pc autocrit. The autocrit will instead happen in the second rotation cycle approximately when the proc relics trigger again.

The alternative (if you have it) is to use the 6pc set bonus autocrit as the opener:

GCD01 Serrated Shot (buffing DoT and 2pc 2% damage increase)
GCD02 Mag Shot + Adrenal
GCD03 Unload (unlocking Mag Shot)
GCD04 Unload (continued)
GCD05 Electronet + Supercharged Gas
GCD06 Incendiary Missile (required to trigger Supercharged Burn)

Again this is a clean transition into the rotation but this time that first Mag Shot will autocrit.

Note the full cost Mag Shot in there, to neutralise this you need to rely on your raid leader and arrange to pre-proc your Mag Shot using Sweeping Blasters. Having someone ignite the target for you for a "reduced cost" Mag Shot is an alternative but a totally free Mag Shot is the best choice.

I could tell you to watch the timer but instead I'll say that you can time it perfectly and open with a free Mag Shot by doing this pre-pull:

GCD01 Sweeping Blasters (proc here)
GCD02 Sweeping Blasters (continued)
GCD03 Toggle off then toggle on your Combustible Gas Cylinder

The moment your CGC is fully channeled you roll into the Serrated Shot of the opener for the autocrit sequence.

Now if the pull is not exactly synchronised, two things can happen:

  • Early pull: Tough luck, you need to continue the pre-pull sequence and start a little late otherwise the procs will not line up.
  • Late Pull: Two choices, continue autocrit opener with a full cost Mag Shot and use Vent Heat early or fall back to the non-autocrit opener and simply open with heavy DoT.

Of course this is no issue at all on a dummy.

This is obviously the more advanced rotation style so fill every slot with Power Shot and use Thermal Sensor Override on the first Unload to create 2GCD of passive regen/neutral heat. Keep filling with Power Shot until you're looking at ~70% heat then burn Vent Heat. From that point you use your own judgement to fill and moderate your heat with Supercharged Gas and Thermal Sensor Override until you can overheat with heavy fill and Vent Heat again.

If anyone would like me to repeat anything in opposite faction terms just mention it otherwise I'm going to reply for the same faction someone asks a question for.

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