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05.14.2020 , 07:45 PM | #1
Hi, here are my strong suggestions for pvp tacticals that can either be re-designed? Or added in the future! I want to help improve the vunerabilties of combat / carnage spec in pvp situations. I think the reverse nerf was needed. I think the dmg is where it should be at... However, for its lack of stun immunity as Concentration has applied in its Force Exhaustion, it makes it very tedious to compete with other classes with out this effect. Sentinel is hard class to run but that is not the point of this post.

Allow me to continue... The idea of making or re-designing will draw more incentive on playing the spec in pvp. Here is one example idea that I have read and can agree with in help make the spec shine in pvp! 'Tactical A: Activation of Zen grants 6 seconds of stun immunity' Tactical B: Using Lance while Zen is active grants you stun immunity for 3 seconds.

Using a phone to type this up. If the developers are able to find the time and effort to make this possible it would be a huge class improvement for pvp.

Thanks guys.