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tbh there is no issues at all with sin. I think sin is in a good place atm, not buffs or nerfs needed.
How is fixing Hatred Force Management a buff? it allows a true rotation most classes that don't have a build up system shouldn't need to use their standard attack, whereas for JK/SW it's different because of the build up management system.

Truthfully Hatred just needs Dark Embrace for it's (While in stealth mode, or 15 seconds after leaving stealth mode, force regeneration is increased by 25%) However even the Darkswell Passive (Maul grants 15 seconds of Dark Embrace, While Dark Embrace is active all damage taken is reduced by 15%.) would make sense the pulls Hatred does is super dangerous and can really cause you die.

But either way if we just had Dark Embrace that would be a much welcomed change.
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