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Disclaimer: my post will revolve around the Serenity spec only.

I recently returned to the game after a long hiatus. I used to main Balance (serenity) Shadow back in 1.7, but after the changes in 2.0 I kinda fell out of the game. I've tried every iteration of the class and spec since, so I know its history.

As a returning player, it is not our defenses that concerns me. Shadows were always squishy, Balance/Serenity in particular, but we had the tools to get around it. We still have these tools and we can mitigate insane amounts of damage. What bothers me instead is the loss of utility and single target DPS. Serenity has gotten better single target DPS since 2.0 but it still feels lacklustre, especially if you compare it to other classes. By reading through this thread I get the feeling that people want to spread dots easier, but that's not our primary concern in my opinion. AoE pressure is useful but it's also detrimental as it sabotages incapacitation-effects such as flashbang and force lift. By spreading dots without control we're becoming less tactical for team play. As such, I don't think we should ever spread dots via Force in Balance or Deathfield ever again. It is fine the way it is now.

However we do lack a lot in the single-target damage department. Back in 1.7 we could still use Shadow Strike, which helped a lot. We now have Spinning Strike procs, but they're not as effective. It is possible that Force in Balance did more damage as well as it only struck 3 targets. Force in Balance also had a range of 30 meters, meaning we could nuke people from a safe distance; and it was great utility too. Personally, I'd love to see the ability back to something like this: hit less targets but deal more damage and have a 30 meter range.

And finally, another thing we suffer from (shared issue with lethality operatives) is that we require a lot of GCDs to get our damage going. I don't really see the point of having both Sever Force and Force Breach. They could easily be combined into one ability. Perhaps Squelch could have a bit longer duration and allow its dot to be spread as well. Also, we need another button to click. Serenity Strike is awesome, but I'd like to see Project back in some shape or another (mainly because it's yellow damage and has a bit of range which suits the playstyle).

Those are my opinions after having been back for about a month.
Kinda missing the whole point of the spec. Your a dot spec and dot specs means attacking the many not the one. Deception's focus is on eliminating the one so If you want single target focus then play a deception sin. To do otherwise renders playing deception pointless. Deception is the king of one on one within the assassin class trio.

Further more what your basically angling for is to have more survival, more single target dmg and they ability to dot the many so a hybridization of the three specs into a super assassin A.k.a merc 2.0. Yes you'd basically be an OP merc we don't need another merc lite or sniper lite. Accept your role your a dot spec attack the many. As it stands now Bioware will never address the glaring obvious factors that make Merc's, snipers and jugs OP because all those I win kiddies who rely on those crutch classes would up and quit and they can't afford to lose that much of the player base. Otherwise they would have addressed this 3 years ago!