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04.16.2019 , 11:09 PM | #5
The two biggest issues for Vigilance tanks imo is getting damage on target and not melting.

1) Dps on target this is an issues. Rdps just sits and does damage no worries. melee dps needs to constantly get in range to do damage. Helping us with up time would be great. in crease mobility or help us locked down the opponent would be ideal.

2) Vigilance brings very little to the table with regards to group buffs (compare to a sent), in addition many classes seem sturdier than vigilance. This makes this class very undesirable in TRanked. To make this class fit more with the image make us sturdier individual single target dps. Give us some better cds, more uptime on target, more burst. Something...

Thank you for the consideration.
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