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lul GSF. dumbest waste of pvp resources in the galaxy. figures you play that.

I'm on SF.

I don't dispute that you can fudge your way through a 1v1 skanking and guarding your comp. my point is that that's not how OW works. you might find a lone stealth looking for a random gank, but OW is functionally the gree event where 2 or more ppl grp up and gut you and your companion. then you either port back to the safety of a pve instance or you call on some friends and an actual OW pvp fight breaks out for 10-60 minutes. I take it you never experienced ilum before the gree changes?

but you just go ahead and have fun organizing your little "1v1" fights with comps and calling it OW PVP.
Why you gotta be like this? Do you talk to people in real life like this? Have ever managed the art of a civil conversation? I could retort, and if it was a civil chat I would, but yeah, I think we agree on one thing, neither of us wants to talk to the other anymore.