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Hey guys!

So, I went through a talent tree today, trying to plan out my leveling 1-50. As I go through the tree, I catch myself thinking "well geez, I need to put points somewhere just so I can get to the next level...I guess I'll put them here," but I feel like really they're just being wasted.

Here's my plan:
1-5: These go into Tele, obviously. link
6-28: This is actually easy for me as well, as I think the "normal" build looks like this
This is where it gets tough for me. I have 2 points to allocate, and none of my options seem all that great. I end up using them somewhere that I don't really want to, just to jump to the next level.
29-36: Once I finally decide where to put my points, I flesh out the tree, and it looks like this, with 5 points left

I put 2 points into Balance, 2 more into Tele, and now I have 1 point just floating around. What to do with this last point? link

What do you guys think? What are your thought processes?
put some points in pain bearer , so you can self heal a little quicker.

It's only one point , it's not going to turn the tide of battle. But that extra 4% on top of your other talents increasing healing out put can mean the difference between healing yourself once, instead of twice, and thus that extra heal can be used on the tank , or on an attack. Or a crowd control to get something to plick off and quit bothering you.
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