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You would be surprised, but sometimes they decline or even kick the 4th person since the 3 people are on voice chat and will win even against 4, which gives them more ELO as they won 3v4.

I have to agree, yesterday we had quite a few 3v4s which was strange as I have not seen it for some time now.
That would be hard to pull off in solo ranked since it is 4 (3 in this case sort of randoms) being put together. I guess if there r very few ppl queuing and they all happen to know each other.

In my humble and limited experience, what tends to happen is a person disconnects, misses the pop, or maybe just does not take the pop on purpose (is that what q dodging is?).

The particular instance that triggered me, was when a 4th never joined (unless they loaded in b4 me and left b4 i zoned in which is super unlikely). And the bloody game just started the 3v4 instead of getting a 4th anybody or aborting the match even though there was all the time in the world to get a fill. It is pretty depressing.