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Well, I wish this thread was a little less toxic. The combat team has asked a question, it is up to you if you want to answer it, but blaming Bioware and saying "Just fix Watchman already" and "You're gonna ignore us" is counterproductive. Anyways.... my thoughts...
^^^ Totally agree and disappointed in some of the responses people are giving here. Lets be constructive... otherwise just go create another "Sentinels/Marauders Suck" "The Class is Dead" post that populate the Sentinel/Marauder forums

Ok on to more positive dialogue...

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My thoughts:
So far we have a 4.17% dps gain from set bonus which is below your stated goal. Changing the new four piece to be more similar to the old 4-piece will give us closer to the 5% dps goal you stated while also tilting the scales in favor of new set bonus compared to the old. Other than that, set bonuses for sentinel are good.
Dón-Quijote makes a valid point here. If that is your intended goal, no more than 5%, then that would be a good way to bring it up a bit. With that said, personally, I would love to see more emphasis around a specs primary focus. For example Precision/Gore for Combat/Carnage, Cauterize/Rupture for Watchman/Annihilation, and Focused Burst/Raging Burst for Concentration/Fury. I do understand there are limitations as to what can be done within the system itself due to different hardware/software constraints. If splitting up a set bonus to include all those different components is not possible then how about making Master Strike/Ravage usable while mobile? I know this has been suggested by quite a few people as Master Strike/Ravage is used (or at least attempted, Sorry Watchman/Annihilation) readily in all three specs. This would aid in up-time and quite possibly grant a small DPS increase to each spec across the board.

One of the things I have not yet read here (unless I missed it) regarding the Set Bonuses is this. It's been stated that we will be increasing to level 65 and will be gaining additional abilities. If this is indeed the case will these new abilities be something looked at for potential Set Bonus inclusions? As we do not know anything about the new abilities or if they will indeed be incorporated into the Set Bonuses I personally would love to see a bit of a standoff capability from our specs. At the current other melee classes (namely Vanguards/Powertechs and Scoundrels/Operatives) can operate outside the 4 meter range with entire DPS rotations in line with their optimal 4 meter range DPS and lose very little. I would love to see a capability like this introduced into the Sentinel/Marauder lineup. Sentinels and Marauders are both force users after all and the force is not bound to 4 meters right? Seriously though it would be great to see these new abilities usable beyond 4 meters to better help Sentinels/Marauders with standoff as many mechanics we face at the current place us into this very situation quite often. All in all though I appreciate you asking for our input and am excited to see what comes out of this and Knights of the Fallen Empire. Thanks!