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Speaking from the Annihilaton point of view:
I believe the 6th tier set bonus is a bit out of place. I would advocate for a flat damage increase to Annihilation, if anything, rather than give it an autocrit once a minute. There might be other ways to go, but the current autocrit just doesn't seem right. It does give a damage increase, however slight it might be, but it introduces some awkwardness, unpredictability even over the course of long boss fights with adds, if you know what I mean. Wonder what Oofalong or Ardarell would say.
I think all 3 specs should be given a flat damage bonus. Anni is no more deserving of it than any of the other specs. Anni already does more than the other 2 overall, if anything it should be Carnage and Fury that get it (Which isn't to say Anni shouldn't get it. Merely that no spec has some sort of divine right to have greater damage than any other one.)

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