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Well, I wish this thread was a little less toxic. The combat team has asked a question, it is up to you if you want to answer it, but blaming Bioware and saying "Just fix Watchman already" and "You're gonna ignore us" is counterproductive. Anyways.... my thoughts...

2 Piece: This is actually pretty decent, I think this can be left as is.
4 Piece: This is kind of different in my opinion, because if my memory serves me correctly, this is very similar to our old 4 piece, minus the cool down reduction on Valorous Call, which is no longer there.
6 Piece: This is where the work is needed, in my honest opinion. The Auto Crit, is not particularly amazing for any Sentinel spec. In fact, it's terrible for Watchman. Merciless Slash is used every six seconds in Watchman, that's around 10 every minute.... 1 Crit out of 10 is not that big... especially when RNG can give that to you. For Concentration, It gives you a nice pretty number on your Concentrated Slice, but that's the only perk. For Combat, you get a nice Precision window, but once again, 1 Crit once only every minute, and one that you may get anyway, seems kind of underwhelming to me.

I can honestly suggest making the old 2 Piece Set Bonus the new 6 Piece. Why? Each Sentinel Discipline makes heavy use of Master Strike. While it doesn't hit as hard as it used to, it's still a heavy damaging ability, and for Watchman, gives us a Focus neutral or Focus positive filler that we can use on cool down. Since Master Strike is very very important to Sentinels, I think a damage boost to it would do wonders. Referral link and a muffin button... click it.... you get a free blueberry muffin
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