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Not sure how anyone can complain about sorcs and sages. They are by far the most versatile class.
  • They have multiple damage mitigation abilities/utilities (bubble, god bubble, cloud mind w/utility, etc).
  • They have not one, but TWO instant heals that cost 1 GCD each (my ruffian scoundrel has to waste 2 gcd's on hots, or roll-heal).
  • They can bubble other players, including tanks.
  • They have a raid buff.
  • They can teleport across the map.
  • They can pull people out of stupid, or toward objectives.

So while their single target dps may not be in the top in either spec, they do excel at multiple target dps. They have very good DoT spreads and/or AoE's.

Anyway, sounds like a L2P issue.
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